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Zine Meet, 2017

ZINE MEET: where both artists and non-artists* gather to make something together.

Continuing OIC Singapore’s (Organisation of Illustrators Council) tradition of inclusiveness through creative art processes, participants need only bring themselves and their own drawing/writing tools (optional) for some lo-fi magik to take shape and form.

In a highly structured and goal-oriented environment like Singapore, ZINE MEET strives for a space where organicity, openness and oddities be celebrated for the soul in us to thrive bigger, warmer and brighter. Each ZINE MEET has a different activity, theme and materials, so participants can meet again in the next rounds, for new exploration and engagement. It is a characteristic of ZINE MEET I want to very much strive for, to welcome new participants, to continually engage and keep-the-doors-opened for returning participants, and for all of us to experience the many ways of making zines together.

Zine Meet #1, May 2017 (Click to see what was made)
Zine Meet # 2, June 2017 (Click to see what was made)
Zine Meet #3, July 2017 (coming-soon)

Date: 26/August, 1030am – 12pm
Venue: Colourfully, 9 Taman Serasi #02-17 Botanic Gardens View
Guiding keywords: Objects, observation, repetition
To register, follow this link:

What is a zine?
Think of it as a mini-book, filled with doodles, images, writings that are unfiltered, raw and authentic.

What is going to happen during a Zine Meet?
During a zine meet, people gather within a space to respond to a theme/a word or something, using the materials provided. Stick-figures, elaborate drawings, cut-&-paste collage, writing, comic-making…and many more, are most welcomed.

I don’t draw well. Should I still go for a Zine Meet? 
While zines do generally contain imageries, mostly their purpose is to communicate and express ideas. Bring forth your responses in a way you feel most comfortable. Writing, cutting-&-pasting, painting in some abstract manner, are some viable options! The short answer is, YES, you can still come by for a Zine Meet!

What happens to my work after a Zine Meet?
They will be collected and stored safely in a place (a.k.a my cupboard). They will also be featured on OIC’s social media platforms:-) In the long run, there may likely be some bigger plans for it, but for now, we would like to concentrate on running the moment and process of the making, than think too much about the outcome or end-objective.

*I am using the terminologies here quite broadly as I understand how some individuals equate the mastery of an artistic technique and/or the completion of art products as having made by artists. In this instance, I am using the term ‘non-artists’ to invite individuals who do, very much indeed, engage in universal processes such as playing, making, writing, photographing, thinking, reflecting, trying, experimenting…to name a few examples, in their daily human experiences.