Pix-made Objects

when the good mood hits, the fun makes



Photo credit: Coco Spencer


My name is Pixin (pronounced pig-sin) and I was born and raised in sunny Singapore. I am an art-maker and a registered art therapist.

As an art-maker, I love to draw, sew, make comics/tell stories, paint, create and construct using repurposed materials. My art is process-driven where the final outcome is not the key interest, but rather, being with the act of making itself (on my own and/or with others). The act of art-making can be felt as… a continual flow of playing and immersing in a unique time and space, where the adult-me meets the child-me (and vice versa). It is incredibly rewarding and fun in that sense. I feel very blessed to, not only be making my own art, but also am provided with ample opportunities to facilitate creative art processes for others as my way to live, learn and work.

Some links to take a peek: My ArtMy Flickr/ Drawing Blog/ Doinky Doodles!: my former art studio-and-shop/ Studio Why Not: the art studio where I’m at now.



Photo credit: J.P. King